Yesterday my god brother, who I hadn’t seen since I was probably 9, took my debut pictures out in Malibu. After the shoot we had lunch with his wife and my parents and he asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I told him what I was majoring in, how I planned to go to grad school, and my plans post grad school. My dad jumped in about wanting me to become a Doctor or a PA, and how I was capable of doing it and how the jobs came with such good money. Then my godbrother says to me “let me rephrase this, if you could be anything in the entire world for the rest of your life, money not being a factor, what would you be?”. Took me zero thought: so I told him I wanted to be a dancer. I think that was the type of answer he was looking for all along, cause he looked at my parents and just smiled. He made his point. And I was grateful for that. He was the first adult who could see that I have passions beyond college and pushed for me to embrace them.




Her story is the saddest, she was a real G. At least she got some action in the ending

I love this character!

Kiss Of Death

My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.

I should get paid for this shit.
(Refers to living life in general)

It is way too early for this

But I will never ever get over how disposable you made me feel.

athenamaeee: Happy Birthday beautiful! Hope you had a great birthday!💕

Thanks you so much pretty lady!! 💞

codeeeyyy: Hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday. 🎈

Thank you!! 😌

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